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Lip Drip Luxury Gloss - Glazed Donut

Lip Drip Luxury Gloss - Glazed Donut

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Lip Drip - Glazed Donut

🍩 Glazed Donut is clear with clear reflecting flecks

Introducing TMLL Lip Drip Luxury Gloss - an indulgent lip gloss that glides on for an ultra-smooth, high-shine finish. This luxurious lip gloss is packed with nourishing ingredients that help keep lips looking and feeling moisturized and soft. Infused with hyaluronic acid for its anti-aging and hydration properties. With a cake batter/vanilla scent, you will feel pampered every time you apply.

I've been using this gloss and just love it. It's hydrating and adds a nice shine to any lipstick you wear.

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